Designing Webs and developing applications

From 1997



Marketing Online and the Natural Positioning SEO in Finders, as well as the video marketing, have become a necessity essential to remove the greater yield to our enterprise activity, to improve our corporative image and to increase the sales.

What we do?

  • Natural positioning SEO centered mainly in Google and Bing, very customized.
  • Campaigns of Google Adwords, SEM Positioning, payment by click.
  • Video Marketing, accomplishment of video clips.
  • Design and development of Landig Page and mini Sites.
  • It is present in Social Networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube…).
  • Own network of Blogs and creation of quality contents.
  • Campaigns focused to different countries and languages.

How we worked?

  • Interview with the client to establish objectives.
  • Study of statistics to optimize your website and to increase your visits.
  • Promotion of your website by means of generation of quality contents.
  • We elaborate action plans to secure your objectives.
  • Video Marketing and elaboration of audio-visual contents.
  • Periodic reports of pursuit of results.
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